Studies in Historical Anthropology

Volume 1:2001

From the Editor, p. 5.
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Andrzej Wiercinski
From the Neolithic "revolution" to the urbanisation. An approach of the general anthropology, pp. 7-59.
(PDF, 10.013 KB)

Alina Wiercinska
A research on the content of trace elements in human bones. The statistical analysis, pp. 61-74.
(PDF, 1.751 KB)

Marta Krenz
Skeletal Materials from Zerniki Gorne (Poland) in relation to biological variability of Neolithic
and Early Bronze populations in Central Europe
, pp. 75-83.
(PDF, 1.409 KB)

Marta Krenz
Harris lines in a skeletal sample of the Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age, Zerniki Gorne (Poland), pp. 85-111.
(PDF, 3.734 KB)

Karol Piasecki
Skulls from the tower-shaped tombs in Tumpullo (Peru), pp. 113-122.
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Volume 2:2002 [2005]
Physical Anthropology of the Americas
Papers presented at the symposium ANT-10 during the 50th International Congress of Americanists
Warsaw, 13-14 July, 2000

Editorial, p. 1.
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Helga Gemegah
Did the idea about the Asian origin of the American "Indians" develop from 16th century Spanish political geography?, pp. 3-16.
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Luisa V. Pinotti, Carlos H. Rasines, Ramiro F. Unsain
Tehuelches y mapuches, dimorfismo sexual no alterado en condiciones de vulnerabilidad social, pp. 17-29.
(PDF, 209 KB)

Luisa V. Pinotti, Hilda Larreina, Carlos H. Rasines
Modelo de crecimiento bajo temperaturas polares en Patagonia Austral, pp. 31-44.
(PDF, 185 KB)

Douglas H. Ubelaker
Skeletal biology research in Ecuador, pp. 45-58.
(PDF, 175 KB)

Andrzej Wiercinski
Racial taxonomy of some past and living populations in Peru, pp. 59-77.
(PDF, 824 KB)

Alina Wiercinska
Frequency arrangement of cranioscopic features of the Eskimo and American Indian skulls, pp. 79-87.
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Elzbieta Jaskulska
The Greenland Eskimos craniometric diversity, pp. 89-99.
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Volume 3:2003 [2006]
Human Remains from Nemrik 9 and Other Near Eastern Sites

Editorial, p. 3.
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Theya Molleson
Hunters of Nemrik, pp. 5-18.
(PDF, 304 KB)

Krzysztof Szostek, Henryk Glab, Krzysztof Kaczanowski
An analysis of the content of macro- and microelements in the teeth of an Early Neolithic population from Nemrik (Iraq), pp. 19-29.
(PDF, 308 KB)

Krystyna Szlachetko, Małgorzata Zadurska
Human teeth from Nemrik, pp. 31-91.
(PDF, 1092 KB)

Constance Frank
Funeral practices at Tell Masaikh (Syria): Late Roman and Islamic graves, pp. 93-120.
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Susan L. Cohen, Wieslaw Wieckowski
The 2002-2004 excavations at Gesher: An anthropological perspective, pp. 121-130.
(PDF, 166 KB)

Arkadiusz Soltysiak
Studies on human remains in Syria and Iraq, seasons 2001-2002. A general overview, pp. 131-134.
(PDF, 69 KB)

Short Fieldwork Reports
Tell Arbid (Syria), seasons 1996-2002, pp. 135-136.
Tell Fecheriye (Syria), season 2001, pp. 137-138.
Tell Rad Shaqra (Syria), seasons 1994-1995, pp. 138-149.
Tell Rijim (Iraq), season 1985, pp. 150-151.
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Volume 4:2004 [2006]
Papers in Memory of Andrzej K. Wiercinski

Andrzej Kazimierz Wiercinski (1930-2003): In memoriam, pp. 3-15.
(PDF, 372 KB)

Andrea G. Drusini
The hiding-places of health: The elderly in the age of technique, pp. 17-24.
(PDF, 127 KB)

Judyta J. Gladykowska-Rzeczycka
Palaeopathology in Poland at the beginning of the 21st century, pp. 25-48.
(PDF, 241 KB)

Maciej Henneberg
The rate of human morphological microevolution and taxonomic diversity of hominids, pp. 49-59.
(PDF, 678 KB)

Eugene Kobyliansky, Michal Bejerano, Mariassa Bat-Miriam Katznelson, Ida Malkin
Relationship between genetic anomalies of different levels and deviations in dermatoglyphic traits, pp. 61-121.
(PDF, 517 KB)

Janusz Piontek, Beata Iwanek, Zbigniew Czapla
The crania from modern cemeteries in Jaksice (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province, Poland) and craniometric relationship among medieval and modern Central European populations, pp. 123-135.
(PDF, 332 KB)

Wolfgang Scheffrahn
Primates, population genetics and human evolution, pp. 137-143.
(PDF, 189 KB)

Arkadiusz Soltysiak
Physical anthropology and the "Sumerian problem", pp. 145-158.
(PDF, 286 KB)

Charles Susanne
Races: only a social concept, pp. 159-187.
(PDF, 253 KB)

Jacek Tomczyk, Bernard Halaczek
Anthropogenesis in the light of the African discoveries of the last decade, pp. 189-198.
(PDF, 140 KB)

Douglas H. Ubelaker
Evolution of the relationship of forensic anthropology with physical anthropology and forensic pathology: A North American perspective, pp. 199-205.
(PDF, 119 KB)

Alina Wiercinska
The unique find of male skeleton from Kalisz-Zawodzie with multiple pathological changes, pp. 207-212.
(PDF, 918 KB)



Department of Bioarchaeology, University of Warsaw